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  1. merryellen ackema Reply

    Hello Fungi Friends!
    I am a budding restoration ecologist freshly graduated from University of Hawaii with much enthusiasm in inoculating our environments with cleaner and richer potential. I am interested in getting to know your organization and would love the opportunity to volunteer on a project with you all! let me know how I can be of service, and contribute to reclaiming healthy ecosystems.

    Merryellen Ackema

  2. Jenny Ryan Reply

    Hey friends!
    The link to your Facebook page is broken (https://www.facebook.com/bayarearadicalmycologygroup )
    Do y’all have a mailing list or email contact?

    1. baamwp Reply

      sorry about this. please use https://www.facebook.com/bayareaappliedmycologygroup/ instead. I will correct the link on the website.

  3. Tucker Cahill Chambers Reply

    Hi there,
    (I sent a message via Facebook as well.) I am working on a project that could benefit from some radical mycology, particularly in regard to treating leachate from compost piles so that it does not contaminate the surrounding area. I was wondering who I might contact to get more information/possibly collaborate/share ideas.
    Thank you,
    Tucker Chambers

  4. Alex Druker Reply

    I take one mushroom bug from fair December 5.I have something mushroom now ,but it is not oysters.How i can send a picture to you with my crop.Thanks Alex

  5. lily marnell Reply


    I signed up and paid membership fee but have not recieved an invite to google groups or any mailing list posts. I really want to be sure to know about everything going on. thanks

  6. Phoebe Reply

    Do you put holes in the plastic bag? If not, how do the mushrooms grow?

  7. Henry Kong Reply

    Hello to all,

    Recently, an article of yours caught my attention about fungi based technology used for water filtration.
    Is that project still in development or has it been abandoned?
    I would love to learn about this topic


    1. deangelismino Reply

      Although our study is no longer being continued a good source of information about that form of filtration can be found in ‘Mycelium Running’ by Paul Stamets. We basically were trying to replicate that. Good luck, BAAM

  8. Keeley Sloan Reply

    Hi guys! I signed up and paid at your event at the Academy of Sciences and have yet to have received my invite. I look forward to the monthly meeting, but would love more information, and an address. Thanks!

    1. deangelismino Reply

      Hi Keeley, I see you were added on 1/14 so you should have received an invite. I’ll try again.

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