Eucalyptus Plugs

Laetiporus gilbertsonii, or chicken of the woods, is an edible mushroom that grows locally on eucalyptus stumps and trees. At the BAAM Lab we cultured a local specimen and propagated it onto dowels cut from tree suckers. Claire Brown and Max Brotman payed a visit to Adams Crest Farm on 1/10/16 and inoculated two eucalyptus stumps on the edge of the farm, which will hopefully yield a harvest and decompose the stump, which will build soil for future tree plantings.

These dowels were harvested from shoots at the base of trees, plum, acacia, and eucalyptus, and have been autoclaved for sterility.
This is the laetiporus gilbertsonii (chicken of the woods) from the Berkeley hills that we originally cloned
Max drilling holes in a eucalyptus stump at Adams Crest Farm
Spawn dowel. They fit well into the bore holes with enough wiggle to not crush too much mycelium.