Eucalyptus Study Findings 2018

Monitoring of the three sites that we included in our study concluded in September 2018.

We had good results with the Redwood Park, Oakland site of nineteen stumps with all stumps being sprout free since October 2017. In Tilden Park, Berkeley, we monitored sixteen stumps and fourteen of them were sprout free and two had diminished growth from our very earliest records.
The Orinda site is still a bit of an enigma in that of the twenty-nine stumps, fourteen are sprout free, some are greatly diminished, but about four have shown extreme vigor. We’re still questioning what it is about these four rogue stumps that has allowed them to still prosper while other inoculated stump growth is declining.

We realize that of the parameters we set on this early test some important variables were not accounted for and that overall a more detailed study on a larger scale is still called for. We hope to do this in a collaboration between East Bay Regional Parks Department, UC. Berkeley, Cal State East Bay and ourselves. Hopefully, this coming year.

Currently we are gathering new eucalyptus loving fungi and testing each one’s efficacy in the lab. Because of the diversity of the fungi found at our sites we hope to select the best performing two to work with in this future project. The candidates to date are Laetiporus gilbertsonii, Trametes versicolor, Stereum hirsutum, Chondrostereum purpureum, Crepidotus mollis and Phellinus gilvus.
Other variables to consider: slope, aspect, runoff, diameter, exposure, and precis measuring of sprout removal. We’re looking forward to it.

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