BAAM has partnered with Counter Culture Labs, an open source biology laboratory housed inside of the Omni Commons, located in north Oakland, Ca. We are using the laboratory to create a Culture Library: a collection of fungal cultures for use in our projects, as well as a fungal resource for the community of urban farmers, homesteaders, bio-remediaters, and other biophilic persons.

We are having open BAAM Lab Nights twice a month. At these events we do a hands on activity related to mushroom cultivation, such as preparing and using petrie dishes, making grain spawn, and cloning mushrooms. We are always seeking cultivators and collaborators.

20150901_152450The mushroom lab is here for experiments. We trial different cultures for their ability to break down waste and contaminations. We are interested in culturing local and native fungi, as well as exotic interesting species. We are gathering selected cultivars for edibility and medicine, and trying to match cultures to our local conditions for best production.

Add a culture using the BAAM Culture Library App

Browse the Culture Library Databass

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