Radical Mycology, our inspiration for founding BAAM, a decentralized organization promoting accessible mushroom cultivation techniques and mycelial metaphors.

Amazon MycroRenewal Project, Cleaning up oil spills in Equador using mushrooms, distributing information across the network to where its needed.

Mycological Society of San Francisco:  Leading forays and hosting the annual Fungus Fair, the MSSF has been teaching about mushrooms for decades and brings lots of events and lectures on fungi to the bay area.

Mushroom Observer: A collaborative database of mushroom taxonomy and observation. If you need help with identification, this community can help you.

Counter Culture Labs: A Bio-Hacking and Citizen Science Lab group. We have partnered with CCL to create the BAAM Mushroom Lab

Omni Commons: The amazing community space in North Oakland which houses the BAAM Mushroom Lab through Counter Culture Labs. Home to a myriad of groups doing cool things.

All About Mushrooms: a collection of mycology resources

Glossary of Mycological Terms

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  1. Sue Linja Reply

    Hello, my adult daughter is interested in taking in mycology class in the Oakland area. I would like to gift this for her for Christmas. Can anyone help me find local class options? Thank you so much, Sue

  2. Craig Reply

    Do you sell wine cap spawn?

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